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 Does anyone else have sudden attacks of itchy scalp that you can't help but scratch?What is the cause and cure

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I have spots on my tounge and they hurt how do i get rid of them?

Martin M
Caneston cream, you have thrush

It could be trush or if they have are red and very sore - maybe they are mouth ulcers.

It best to see a GP or better still your denist! Make sure you eat lots of fruit and veg as it good source of vitamins and minerals and drink plenty of water.

Also make sure your dental hygeine is up to scratch - buy a new toothbrush and brush your teeth twice a day - sing Happy Birthday to yourself in your head as that is how long you should be brushing your teeth each day.

Hope this helps!


~welsh harri~
they are probably just ulsers and will go naturally give it 5 days try not to eat sweets or crisps or anything to salty or sugary if they do not go after 5 days go to the doctors

to get rid of them quicker go to the chemist and get bonjella or any other ulser rememedy

it sounds like thrush go to the doctor

Hedge Witch
Could be thrush - try Diflucan tablet.
Could be ulcers (more likely actually) - try Bonjela or using a medicated mouthwash like Oraldene.
If they don't clear up within 3 days of using those treatments though - go to the doctor!

green sky means run
Well are they white? Could be thrush... which means yeast infection (from things like HIV).. Or could be not enough water or vitamin c... When I drink too much pop or energy drinks, my tongue gets a sore spot (tiny white dot) which goes away after I drink enough water.

Are you sure they are not mouth ulcers as they are very sore. get some mouth ulcer gel from your chemist and some antiseptic mouth wash.

lynne c
it will be ok after a week...im sure of it i have like that before...

see doctor it could be thrush meanwhile eat yoghurt to relieve it and give you some good bacteria back

It is most likely an inflamed taste bud. You get them when you are eating/drinking too much of one thing for a period of time. I usually get them from drinking too much soda or eating a lot of sweets, so I just stop eating/drinking them until the "tounge pimples" go away after a few days.

heidi the ghosthunter
stop telling lies!!

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