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don't yell at me for drinking with diabetes, just tell be how to ...

 Do people with type 1 diabetes?
take insulin shots every 3-4 hours
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 Does anyone know what vitamens a type 2 diabetic should take?
I heard b vitamens help bring glucose into cell where it could be metabolized instead of going directly into blood and increasing glucose levels.

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 ..i am a diabetic and i experience low blood sugar at times?
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 I have been diagnosed with prediabetes but I am not overweight and I don't eat excessively bad, help?
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 Can you poke on every finger for blood sugar test

 Am i diabetic? last january i had an extreme thirst and went to the doctors and they checked me for diabetes?
the results came back i had high sugar, the nurse told me to go away and cut most of my sugar out and come back for more tests the following week, but i found it so difficult and didnt cut much out, ...

I have a relative with diabetes. How are diabetics supposed to eat?
Because this diabetic i know eats sweets and drinks beer, but claims that he doesnt exactly know what a diabetic can eat, so he eats the stuff he knows he shouldn't eat.

Mostly, they should regulate their sugar intake, because being diabetic, they can't process sugar very well. I also know a diabetic who eats low sodium foods(low salt).

Diet Guidelines

Blood Sugar Management

Behavior modification has to be THEIR idea . . perhaps estate planning information would be more appropriate:

Diabetics should eat regular, healthy meals.

Low in refined (high glycaemic index) sugar, low fat.

Occasional moderate alcohol is Ok but with food would be best.

‚ô• Emma‚ô• Pierson‚ô•
they need to wach wat they eat... but eat normally!!!!!!

He should definitely watch what he eats because if he doesn't, it can lead to problems with the heart, brain, blood and other things.

It also depends on which diabetes he has. Because with one diabetes the body doesn't utilize sugar normally. But with the other diabetes sugar is utilized normally, but water is not reabsorbed correctly leading to excessive urination.

diabetics can eat anything,
but they need to keep a eye on there sugar, and/or take insulin

dances with unicorns
A diabetic can eat anything that anybody else can, for the most part - they just have to make sure to take the appropriate amount of insulin to deal with the sugar in their bloodstream. Like anybody else, if they eat too much, they'll gain weight; if they don't eat enough (or don't take enough insulin), they'll probably lose weight. The notion that a diabetic can't have sweets or alcohol is very outmoded; as long as the person partakes in moderation, he can have anything he wants, just like anybody else.

Diabetics should follow the same diet that everyone should follow. Realistic portions, lots of fruit and vegetables, lean meat, and as little fat as possible.

Occasional indulgences are fine, too. One beer is not going to hurt a diabetic any more than it will a perfectly healthy person. The same with sweets.

Your diabetic friend needs to go to some classes to learn what to eat and how much, and check with his doctor to get some bloodwork done that will tell him how well he's doing controlling his blood sugar.

It's a myth that diabetics can't eat bread and things with carbs in them. Everybody needs to eat carbs, protien, and fat, every single day. Just not too much of any one thing.

Barkley Hound
Stay away from carbohydrates. Potatoes, rice, pasta, and bread.

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