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Vilaashini R
I brush my teeth and tongue twice a day,gurgle after every meal and still have smelly mouth. Pls help, thank u

I think there is a company that sells "body mints" , you swallow them everyday and your mouth and pores are all supposed to smell much better!

take a spoon and scrape all the yucky gray stuff off ur tongue then brush ur teeth

go to the dentist they have new products to help,

johnny m
you didn't mention anything about flossing. the next time you go to the dentist, ask the hygienist and/or dentist how to floss properly, most people don't know how to do it right and leave a lot of rotting food in the gum pockets that surround the teeth. that and a good cleaning will significantly improve your breath.

crest mouth wash twice a day, good luck

You need to clean between your teeth and stimulate your gums. Try this:

1. Floss
2. Work a toothpick between your teeth and massage your gums.
3. Brush all of your teeth, and make sure you reach all the way in the back. It is very common to miss the back teeth entirely.
4. Rinse and gargle with Listerine (must be Listerine) for at least 1 minute.

If your breath is still bad, then see your dentist. You should also see your dentist every 6 months for regular checkups.

Some breath issues can come from yuour sinus or stomach. Do you have allergies? Is this a new or old problem? Helicobacterpylori can cause bad breath. Read more here.


Do you have ongoing allergy problems? How is your gastrointestinal tract? How about constipation? The point is that bad breath can be caused by a number of different things-even just a dry mouth.

Make sure you floss properly daily. Try using Listerine or Crest mouthwash. Use a tongue scraper (they work better than a brush to clean your tongue). Also watch the types of foods you are eating. Maybe you should also brush 3x a day. When you brush in the morning, try to do it after breakfast. Here's what to do: when you wake up, rinse your mouth with water to remove plaque and bacteria, then eat breakfats, then brush, beacuse if you brush and then eat it will make your mouth dirty again.

Carry around listirine pocket packs?

glasgow girl
i think you may have a tummy problem, you seem to be doing everything else properly, do you suffer from constipation??? talk to your doctor.

This could be a number of things. One of the first signs of gum disease is bad breath and statistically 75% of americans have some form of gum disease. There are different stages of gum disease and bad breath is usually an early stage. Gum disease is caused by Plaque (the soft build-up on your teeth) hardening to something called tartar. When it hardens its difficult to remove without seeing your dentist/hygienist. If left for a long time, the bacteria causes inflammation of your gums and can produce an oder. You will not be able to treat the smell or infection without getting the treatment done in your dental office. To make sure you have healthy oral hygiene, make sure you get your teeth cleaned every 6 months, brush twice (or more) times a day, and always floss. If it has been longer than 6 months since your last teeth cleaning, make sure you visit your dental office.


Go to your dentist/hygienist if- Other symptoms of Gum Disease:
-persistant bad breath
-pain/tender gums
-if your gums ever bleed/hurt while brushing or eating
-swollen gums
-your gums pulling away from your teeth (teeth looking longer)

Overall you should definitely go to the dentist and let the hygienist take a look. It can't hurt, and the longer you leave anything (dental or medical) the worse it will get and will be harder to maintain. I hope this helped!! In your spare time look up dental hygiene or oral health. The public should be more educated when it comes to your oral health, after your research you will learn how important it is!!!

James B
It could be a crown with fluid trapped under it giving you that bad smell. A decaying tooth in the back of your mouth could be the issue. If you have bad teeth I would suggest seeing a dentist and bringing it up to him, he will be able to locate the source.

The most frequent reason for bad breath is the tongue. Make sure you get a special tongue brush and go as far back as you can. Another reason could be chronic sinusitis, if you don't feel pressure in your face and head, you probably don't have it, another reason would be a problem with your stomach, like a gastritis.

FL Girl
Do you have sinus drainage, or a stomach problem, any bad teeth? Normally you shouldn't have smelly breath after all you do. Maybe you had better ask a doctor or dentist about this.

michael g
You GARGLE and yet you have halitosis? Go to an ear, nose and throat doctor to check you adenoids. They may be infected.

Floss, brush your teeth, scrape your tongue, rinse with a mouthwash of your choice. Avoid foods that make bad breath, like onions and garlic. If none of that helps, consult your doctor or dentist to see where the smell is coming from.

If you do a search on the internet using "bad breath" as your search term, you will find almost five MILLION references. Here's a good place to start:


The odors from garlic and onions enter your blood stream and then it takes a couple of DAYS before you breathe it all off. As you do this, you will continue to have bad breath. You can only use a mouthwash or breath mint (sugarless) as needed to mask the odor. I have read a lot of answers here saying to eat parsley to get rid of garlic breath, but I have no personal knowledge about that. Try it.

Mr. Peachy®
Check this out:

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