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How to get a good night sleep in a natural way?

John S
Here are some herbs that might be helpful:


Okay I am a total expert in this as I have suffered from insomnia for 2 years. I tried every single presciption some worked some didnt. I did accupuncture, massage therapy and hypnosis. I got a hottub and a pool. I take long baths in my garden tub and nothing worked until.... I went to the health food store and bought a bottle of Melantonin. It is cheap. I take a pill every night when I get into bed. I feel very sleepy within the hour. If I wake up sometime during the night I can take another.

I did ask my Dr and he said it was perfectly safe. He even suggested that I take 2 at the beginning of the night.

Good Luck

Lana C
Try drinking an infusion of one teaspoon to a cup of boiling water of chamomile or limeflower or an infusion of 2 teaspoons of the following mixture:
2 parts passionflower and skullcap, 1 part valerian and hops, and 1/2 part licorice.
Another effective remedy is two teaspoons of cider vinegar and one of honey mixed into a cup of hot water.
For more herbal sleep remedies and how to prepare them, visit http://www.self-healingexpressions.com/herbalhealingrecipes.html

Hope this helps.

i would make shore i get lot's of exercise, through out the day&drink so sleepy time tea.

spiritual healer
By doing meditation for fifteen to twentyfive minutes while sitting on the bed in the night.

Drink a glass of warm milk ,do some simple stretching or yoga before you go to bed.
Don't do any,especially heavy exercise late at night because this will only make u more alert.
Make sure the bed is comfortable. The pillow must not be too high or too low.
The simplest ,but most important way is to relax .

First and foremost, eliminate tensions, stress and over-exertion.
Tensions and stress both physical and mental contribute greatly towards insomnia or sleep related problems. Similarly, if you overwork then your body gets so tired that you cant sleep.
The first thing you need to do is do some relaxation techniques using either Yoga or meditation. It helps.
Have a very hot water bath it relaxes the body. Soft music also helps in relaxing.
Try these methods you will be ok.

Just take a walk one hour before bed.Meditate and do yoga daily.
Keep stress out of your mind before sleep.

Dr.sripriya l
If u dont sleep in the day u will have a good night sleep. still if u have problems tell us the right cause and we may give u some sufggesions

gaayathri R
take some jeera in to your palm's rub gently and make a small bag and smell for 3 or 4 times you would get sleep immediately

Raghavendra R
Have a cold or hot bath depending upon the climate condition. Listen a good music and close your eyes . Visualise that you are going to see heaven and enjoying the place in and around , Never go to the bed unless you get the sleep. You will sleep without any disturbance at least 6 hours to my estimate. I promise that you will get good sleep Yours VRVRAO

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