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 I just hade 4 teeth pulled....could i drink the same day?

 How long will my mouth be numb?
i Just had 5 teeth taken out an hour ago
and my mouth is so numb!!!
how long will it be like this?...

 I wanna a really good sugar free gum?

 Is mouthwash suppose to burn?
i've never used it, and not a great fan of mint so i'm not that use to mint either. but it burns my tongue, is that normal?
i also swallowed a tiny amount and woke up with a sore ...

 Ouhhh ! I have a really bad toothache and can't get into see the dentist until next week. What can I do?

 What to do about pain from wisdom teeth?
My top left wisdom tooth needs to be removed, and is causing extreme pain throughout my top left jaw, and a little above, towards just under my eye.

I cannot have it removed for another ...

 I brush my teeth day and night yet my teeth arent the white white i want them to be how can i make them whiter

 Does your Dentist get a wicked grin anytime he says “Root Canal”?

 Accident (Front Teeth)?
hi all, well let me tell you my story.

4 years ago i damaged both my my front teeth.

. one i chipped half way down and i had to have some kind of filling
. the other i had ...

 Bad Brushing Teeth Habit?
I feel guilty, but I will get over it.
I barely brush my teeth. Maybe, 4 or so times a week. Okay, maybe a little more, maybe like, 6 times or something. Anyway, what is a good way to ...

 Getting braces. !?
Okay, well im a 13 year old girl with black medium length hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. I'm gettin braces next week and im scared its going to affect my looks, ( in a bad way ) so i want them ...

 Braces hell!?
I got braces three days ago. I know your meant to eat soft foods at the beginning so I have been but everything is so painful and I have hardly eaten anything [because its so painful] I am bloody ...

 Okay, i am 12 years old and i just got 4 teeth pulled for braces. What can i eat and what can i not eat?
when i first get my teeth ...

 Gums bleeding??
I'm wondering what the result of my gums bleeding when I brush my teeth. It doesn't just happen every once in a while, it's every time I brush. Could it be that I just have sensitive ...

 I'm getting braces, what should i expect???
okay, i'm 13 and i'm getting top and bottom braces, and at different times!!! my oral surgan is doing my bottoms and my orthadonist is doing my tops. but, GOD I'M SCARED!!! my top is 4 ...

 How much does a private dentist charge to put in a filling?
I havent been for like 11 years and now I know I need a filling as food going up one of my teeth. How much might I get charged?...

 How Do I Get Rid Of The Bump On The Side Of My Mouth? It Hurts!?
Ok I have this bump in my mouth on the side. It usually happens like if you bit the side of your mouth and a bump appears or because of something you ate, etc. The bump is like on the left side in my ...

 Removal of wisdom tooth?
has anyone here experienced a wisdom tooth removal by a dentist?

does it hurt during the actual removal? or is it tolerable? tell me please coz i will have all my wisdom tooth removed with ...

 What to do about tooth pain?
My name is Bridget, I am 16 years old. The other day I was eating a rice krispy treat, after I finshed eating it I noticed a little piece of my front bottom tooth was missing and there is now a small ...

 Colgate or Crest?
I prefer Colgate by far.
Additional Details
I've always used colgate but I bought crest because it was on sale. I found that no matter how hard I scrubbed my teeth just didn't ...

Do you use mouthwash before or after brushing your teeth?
Like Scope and stuff, but if I brush my teeth after using mouthwash, wouldn't I wash away the mouthwash, plus do I rinse my mouth with water after brushing my teeth or just spit out the residue??

i use before-i swish then spit then brush-

â™ Emmyâ™ 
i use mouthwash after i brush and i rinse my mouth with water...

ummm... After.

Brush and rinse with water. Mouthwash after.
Whats the point of the mouth wash if you brush it away.


This may help you!

Jon C
I don't think you really lose by "washing away" the mouthwash in either situation

How to Rinse & Use Mouthwash : Dental Care & Oral Hygiene

Please click on the VIDEO LINK below....

I hope this helps!

your meant to brush your teeth first, then floss, then use mouthwash, and ur supposed to rinse ur mouth with water.

khushbana m
I use it after i brush my teeth because if i put the mouthwash and rinse my mouth first i don't like to brush my teeth.

After, so your breath smells good.

I used mouthwash after brushing the teeth, also when you feel your mouth smell funny ... ;)

before and after.

Daniel-san, or Glinda (dont ask!)
Mouthwash like Listerine helps loosen plaque, so it is better to rinse prior to brushing!

i brush my teeth then rinse the toothpaste out with water then floss then use the mouthwash.

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