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Can two brown eyed parents have a blue eyed child? Or two blue eyed parents have a brown eyed child?

on the brown eyed parents having a blue eyed kid, it would be extremely lucky, both parents would have to carry the recessive gene of blue eyes.
2 blue eyed parents having a brown, yes. one would have to carry the dominat trait.

do a puntam's square, it will should you the likely hood.

Brad K
Scenario #1, no way, it would be very rare. Scenario #2, Suzy's Mom had blue eyes, and her Dad had brown, and the same thing happened with Dave, then this is very possible. With four kids, they would wind up with 1 blue eyed kid, and 3 brown.

yes if the parents have a recessive gene for either brown or blue eyes.


I know that it is a low possibility but God people they didn't ask to elaborate they asked if it is possibly and the answer to that is yes

Mountain Man
Sure can, I've seen it several times. We used to have a black ambassador that had blue eyes, and I had never seen that before

Lindsay G
Both of my parents have green eyes, I have blue eyes. So yes it is possible.

yes if the parents have a recessive gene for either brown or blue eyes

Yes Sir, they sure can!!! My son, & his girlfriend are both brown eye'd people, and they have a son, (my grandson) Liam, has Grandma's Green Eye's, the Sweetie sure does!!! So, if you have family member's who have other colored eyes, you have to take into consideration all of their colored eyes, too, for your baby.. If you dont then, I dont know about how high the odds, are on getting a baby with "Blue eyes".. if your whole family has all brown eyes, I mean.. Good Luck, & Congratulations, on your soon to be "New Arrival" !!! Smile!!!

Yes, if both parents have a recessive (unexpressed) gene for blue eyes.

Yes .People of either gender carry genes from their ancestors.Usually any of us have ancestors with any normal eye color, blue,green, or brown in our background. These get passed on to the unborn baby.Brown-the darker of the choices, in this case(eye color) is the dominant gene. But it really only means brown is more likely if one or more parents have the brown eyes. Even the blue-eyed couple could have a child with brown eyes,because of passing a recessive gene(the one that did not happen to them),on.

Yes, recessive genes. Pretty cool!!!!

♥Brown Eyed Chef in Training ♥
Anything is possible. If someone in their family has/had blue eyes anything is possible. My one cousin has red hair, and her parents have brown hair. And her one sibling has blonde....and the other two brown. How does that happen? It has to have some gene in one side of the family.

Yes, My parents both have really dark brown eyes and I have baby blue eyes. My maternal grandfather has baby blue eyes, that is where I get them from.

Kelly Cat (SpyroSunnySmudgy)
Two brown eyed people can have a blue eyed child as long as they both carry the recessive blue eyed gene.. like this B stands for dominant brown gene, b stands for recessive blue gene.. in order for two brown eyed people to have a blue eyed child they would both have to carry the recessive like this.. Bb + Bb = BB(brown with no recessive blue), Bb(brown with recessive blue), bb(blue eyes) are the possible offspring they can have. Other combinations only produce brown eyed children eg BB + BB= BB... Bb + BB= BB or Bb

However two blue eyed people cant carry the dominant brown and still have blue eyes you need a double dose of the recessive gene to have blue eyes.. like this bb + bb = bb or a random mutation which is not very likely. Therefore 2 blue eyed people cannot have a brown eyed child unless somebody is fooling around, ramdom mutation occurs or even rarer one of them is a chimera.

My bother and sis in law are both brown eyed and their 2 boys both have blue eyes, which they got from their maternal grandfather.

Brown eyed parents can have blue eyed child

BUT two blue eyed parents CANNOT have a brown eyed child.

VP Wanabee
The short answer is that brown-eyed parents can have kids with brown, blue or virtually any other color eyes. Eye color is very complicated and involves many genes. To begin to understand how parents with brown eyes could have blue-eyed children, let’s imagine that eye color is due to a single gene, EYCL3, which comes in two versions or alleles, brown (B) and blue (b).

Remember that for most genes (including eye color), you have two copies of each gene that you inherited from your mother and your father. The brown version of the eye color gene (B) is dominant over the blue version (b). Dominant means that if either of your genes is the B version, then you will have brown eyes. Genetically speaking, then, people with brown eyes could be either BB or Bb while people with blue eyes could only be bb.

For two parents with brown eyes to have a blue-eyed child, both parents must genetically be Bb. When this happens, there is a 1 in 4 chance that these parents will have a bb child with blue eyes.

Unfortunately, eye color is not as simple as this. Besides the EYCL3 gene described above, at least two other genes, EYCL1 and EYCL2, are also involved. Although this set of genes explains how people can have green eyes, it does a poor job of explaining how blue-eyed parents could have brown-eyed children or how anyone can have hazel or gray eyes at all.

To understand green eyes in all of this, we only need to review EYCL1 and EYCL3. (EYCL2 is a poorly understood central brown eye color gene.)
Remember, EYCL3 has two versions, brown (B) and blue (b). EYCL1 also comes in two versions, green (G) and blue (b). The way these genes work is that if you have a B allele, you will have brown eyes (B is dominant over b and G), if you have a G allele and no B allele, you will have green eyes (G is dominant over b) and if you have all b genes, then you will have blue eyes.

The answer is genetics. Blue eyes is a recessive gene, and it takes two of those genes (one from a mother and one from a father) to make a blue eyed baby. Brown eyes is the dominant gene - it only takes one gene from either the mother or the father.

If the mother and the father had brown eyes, its possible they could carry the gene for blue eyes and have a blue eyed baby. However, two parents with blue eyes only have that gene and the chances of them having a baby with brown eyes are extremely low - it would only occur because of a random mutation in the gene! Hope that helps!

Brown eyes are dominant genes, blue recessive. If two brown eyed parents both have a blue eyed parent, then yes, they can have a blue eyed child. It is highly unlikely that two blue eyed parents can have a brown eyed child. I have never heard of it and do not believe I ever will.

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