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 How can i break my elbow?
like, in the house, or just, by myself.
i have a REALLY good reason
and, no matter what any of you people say, I'm going to do it!
but, i was wondering if anyone knew of any fast/...

 How can you break a bone in your body? like, the easiest way.
I'm doing research, and need to know a little bit about bones, and the breaking of bones!
can you please help!

which bone can you break easiest
apart from fingers and toes!<...

 How do you reduce swelling.?
long story short i dislocated my kneecap yesterday, and i tore all the ligaments and tendons in my knee. so its about 3 times the size my normal knee is. i know that if i get the swelling to go down ...

 Has my husband broken his leg ???
my husband went for a drink last night & had abit too much when he woke up this morning his leg down abit from his knee is swollen hot to touch really hurts especilly if someone touches it even ...

 I swallowed a nail file an hour ago ( i was dared) and now I feel sick to my stomach and keep vomiting? HELP!?
What is wrong? I did not eat anything but my friend says its because of the nail file but i dont think that would be it would it? i was dared and i never back down.
All I know is that I feel so ...

 How long....???
do u stay in the hospital if you've minorly dislocated your shoulder? i've heard that my friend minorly dislocated his shoulder but i was wondering about how long he'll be there at the ...

 HELP...Pleaze...in pain...I need help from RN's..Doctors and really good atheletes!?
ok...I just finished doing three days of soccer tryouts and my legs are killin me....it hurts...my muscles are sore from my but to my calfs...what can I do to make them feel better....also I pulled ...

 Ear Piercing still swollen...........?
I got my second and third piercings on my ears about 4-5 months ago. The second ones are fine, but the third holes are still swollen. Is this normal, or is there something wrong?
Additional D...

 How can i remove Monster Grip a dangerous glue from my hands and skin.I cannot get it off and its burning me?
i didnt realize that it was supposed to wear gloves, and i tried nail polish remover, gasoline, comet, brillo,sandpaper,soap and water ,there must be something gentle out there that your grandparents ...

 My mom is in pain?
ok today my mom was walking on a side walk and she twisted her foot she said it wasn't her ankle but the top side of her foot thier is a little bump but pretty swollen. i said you might have ...

 I separated my rib and did not see a doctor for 2 months, now I have severe back pain ever since.?
Separated rib/back pain continued...
I have tried yoga, chiropractor, acupuncture,reiki and nothing has helped!!! Any ideas?

 Can blackouts be caused by head injuries such as a concussion?
About a month ago, I fell about 5 feet and landed pretty hard on the left side of my head/face. Lately, I've been having some sort of black out because I won't be able to remember anything ...

 When someone cuts there rist, Its cutting the vain that kills them right?

 What's the usual response time of an ambulance after reporting a replica gunshot wound?

Additional Details
and why did they hang up on me?...

 I have just had a opertation and signed off work for 4 weeks, can my employer ask me to ring in every week?
I thought if you had a sick note fromyour GP and your employer was aware of how long you are off for, then they wouldnt expect you to ring in every week for updates.
can anyone help on this ...

 I just began running on a treadmill every day and my ankle started hurting ..?
it's a little swollen. is it because i haven't run in a really long time ? when can i start running again ?...

 Reduce swelling?
My bestfriend was hit in the back of the head by something a girl was holding when she punched her. Anyways, it happened friday night and the lump has still not gone down very much. I was wondering ...

 How to break my foot?

 I was cutting wood with an electric saw and cut my arm off i sewed it back myself, but still bloody is it norm

 How can it be explained when a person finds scratches in his/her body but never noticed it happening?
Sometims I find scratches on myself and they're pretty noticeable. However I have no idea how I got them because there was never any pain. Like for example I have a scratch on my ankle but have ...

Can people get addicted to Advil or other pain relievers?


Sure you can. I think sometimes it just better to live with minor aches and pains.

Advil and pain killers like that are not addictive, there is no addictive ingredient in them, something with codeine in it is addictivie though.

It is possible to become psychologically addicted meaning you think you have to take the medication to function in life or to deal with something you are feeling. Therefore you could be psychologically addicted to Advil. That is different than being physically addicted. Physically addicted is when your body has developed a chemical reliance on the medication such that if it were suddenly stopped, you would experience physical symptoms of withdrawal like sweating, fast heart rate, nausea, irritabliity etc. Examples are narcotics, amphetamines, barbiturates, nicotine, alcohol and others. There is no physical addiction to Advil meaning that if you stop taking it, you will not experience physical withdrawal symptoms.

Yeah, just ask Rush Limbaugh!

Yes, my Mother did. It started with Nuprin way back in the day, then Advil, then Orudis, then Aleve. Then going to the ER for narcotics. She was going through withdrawl from pschychiatric medication and got terrible headaches. After awhile, the only treatment were narcotic injections, then detox at a local hospital!! Be careful with pain medication!

Not Advil, it does nothing for me, but vicodin and stuff like that make you feel loopy and some people like the effect.

yes im addicted to bc, just like beer take it in moderation

Not the same as heroin or cocaine, but I know people that pop them constantly. I gues if something relieves pain it is easy to get addicted to.

miu miu
yes. people can get addicted to basically anything.

Question: Is Advil addictive? Is it harmful to take more than 2 Advil at a time?

Answer: Advil is not addictive. The prescription dose for most patients of Advil is 400mg 4X a day or 800mg 2X a day. Advil is 1/2 the prescription dose so in general not a problem-depending on how many you take a day 1600 mg is the usual highest you should take.

In fact, Advil is one of the most recommended drugs to use if you are going through withdrawal symptoms from dependence on a different drug because it is not in any way addictive.

Oxycotin is a very addictive painkiller. Advil, Tylenol and other over the counter pain relief are not.

Lisa M
Shocking - I found this while researching your question...

"In recent years, research has shown that doctors' fears that patients will become addicted to pain medication, known as "opiophobia," are largely unfounded. Studies indicate that most patients who receive opioids for pain, even those undergoing long-term therapy, do not become addicted to these drugs. The very few patients who develop rapid and marked tolerance and addiction to opioids are usually those who have a history of psychological problems or prior substance abuse."

Read the whole article at the link:

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